Your teeth are for life!

Westmount Dentist’s philosophy of patient-centred care begins with recognizing that good oral hygiene is necessary for holistic health. We collaborate with our patients to educate them about their dental health, help them understand the issues they are facing, and present them with workable action plans that address their needs.

We consider you the hero on your journey towards greater holistic well-being, and we aim to empower you to take responsibility for this quest. This approach might initially seem counterintuitive, as we do not give doctor’s orders, as much as inform and support. We will offer information and guidance, and we will empower you to choose the level of health care most suitable to your desires and specific needs. The level of health you aspire to is your choice.

Ultimately, your health status is a result of your knowledge base and your chosen behaviours. Thus it is your responsibility, as you are the only one who can choose health aspirations and engage in healthy behaviours. The state of your teeth impacts your life, your comfort, and your well-being or suffering. We are firm believers that for you to achieve optimal health, you have to recognize that the responsibility is yours.

Dental health is behavioural, and you need to be in the mindset that will bring about the best behaviour if you want to have strong, healthy teeth. That’s why our approach differs from many dentists’–we examine the state of your mouth and help you understand the condition it’s in so that you can understand your needs and the treatment options. But we let you make the treatment choices based on your own values. We will explain to you the consequences of your behaviours and the treatment options that are available to you, and guide you through your decision making process.

Poor dental health as you age is not inevitable–it’s the result of your decisions and your actions. We empower you to take charge of your health through sharing knowledge, developing a health centred mindset and guiding you through the process of treatment planning choices. This will bring you the dental health status of your choice. The team at Westmount Dental Care equips you with the toolkit you need for success.

We are here to act as your guides on your path to dental health, but it’s you who must walk the path! You are the hero, and it is your journey.