Before and After

A Healthy and Beautiful Smile

We want you to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime. See what crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, bridges, gum reshaping – or even a complete dental makeover – can do for your smile. (Photos have not been retouched).

A “smile makeover” can make a dramatic difference in one’s appearance.


Here, a gentle smile, after it has been restored with orthodontics,
gum recontouring, zirconia all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

“Being a client of Doug’s I have received nothing but good advice and treatment pertaining to my oral health. Once my orthodontic treatment was completed I knew I would need crowns and bridges. Doug then told me about the new method and material he would use.


I love my new smile. There was no gold or metal in my new teeth, they look very natural. They even put translucent edges on the front teeth. Because of the extremely smooth surface on my new crowns, they are easy to clean and my gums stay healthy.

Thanks to you Doug and your staff.” – H.

A smile before and after it has been professionally whitened. The two front teeth have been restored with Zirconia all ceramic crowns.


A beautiful smile before and after a professional whitening.

A smile suffering severe wear, before and after orthodontics, implants and Zirconia all ceramic crowns.


A smile before and after it has been restored with gum recontouring, implants and Zirconia all ceramic crowns.

A smile before and after old fillings on the front two teeth have been repaired, recontoured and polished.

A tooth before and after it has been restored with a beautiful white Cerec ceramic crown, in just one visit.

Two teeth before and after they have been restored with durable white Cerec ceramic, in just one visit.

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