Hygiene and Prevention

Our goal is to prevent new disease and re-disease, in the pursuit of preservation of healthy natural teeth and gums.  The true value of hygiene is in the dentistry you don’t need, through the disease you prevent.  Avoiding the cycle of patch and repair allows us to achieve the highest quality dentistry that will last the greatest amount of time.  This avoidance of disease offers a high level of savings in the long run, preventing high expenses later in life and avoiding treatments when one may be less able to tolerate the care.

Our hygiene team will customize their approach to your treatments and to your home care, to best suit your particular needs. We look forward to meeting you and engaging in your health future.  We enjoy long-term relationships, where our patients become friends, and who share mutual success in achieving health goals.

The most value any patient gets out of dentistry is the preventive treatments that you receive from the hygienist, and the self care you learn from them.  The hygienist is your wellness specialist.  The hygienists in our office are trained to help you beyond your cleaning.  They are here to act as your health advocate.  They act as an Explainer-In-Chief, and offer you detailed explanations and translations of what the dentist says. 

Understanding what to do and how to do it will allow you to take charge of your health. As a valued coach, your hygienist will explain how you can take care of yourself, to avoid future disease.  They have an end point in mind that is beyond absence of disease, but rather to help you achieve the maximal level of wellness that you aspire to. 

With regard to periodontal disease, the best measure of active disease is bleeding on probing.  We will do all we can to eliminate this level of inflammation, which is the cause of eventual bone loss.  Biofilm (plaque) removal below the gums is the number one goal.

With regard to caries, we are equally involved with biofilm (plaque) control and removal, but in this case, above the gum line. We do this to eliminate the acids which melt down your teeth in the decay process. 

In addition, we will make dietary recommendations, offer you preventive treatments such as fluoride, antibacterial varnishes, rinses, tooth paste recommendations and other tools to help you in your quest for a healthy mouth.

When you are in charge, and capable of engaging in healthy behaviours, you will radically reduce your lifelong experience with disease and enjoy a wonderfully healthy mouth and a great smile, which gives you confidence, vitality, and longevity.

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